Dark Light, or Special Gifts

special gift ideas Singapore

bathing_beauties bathing_beauties2 special gift ideas singapore gothic art for sale gothic art for sale french_gothic_chalk_glass4special gift ideas singaporeVintage Japanese oil paintingBalloon Man Ornament60s_man_balloon_iron4


While light is always relative and gradual, darkness is absolute.


Philosophy aside but how often have we felt darkness to be darkness, and light to be a million other things/words?

2014 is a happy year for me, but I still regard winter as my awakening. See that’s the paradox of living. The necessity of creating a winter if you crave one. The imagination of an unending summer if you are deep in routine, habit. Together, we live on, a dream before the nap, and a dream upon wake, truly a-wake when a-sleep.


1. Antique Bathing Beauty Figurines IV, V

2. Gothic Art For Sale, Antique Gothic Decor

3. Vintage Japanese Oil Painting

4. Balloon Man Ornament, Small Modern Sculpture

5. Paradise Lights

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