Don’t Dream It’s Over

Now that the bustle of holiday shopping is over


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Is it?


At its heart, the hoarding of things is loneliness.

I wanted to use the word objects
As if things would reveal.
Forgetting takes time
Healing is bluffing.
Patience –
And I will continue searching for equally suitable things
For the rest of my life.

There is no other secret.


Dear Agatha, we went to Sun Cafe and ate up your groupons. Thank you for thinking of us during this time of giving and then more buying 🙂

HY ate: 6 prawns, 6 scallops, 6 kueh pie tie, 1 bowl of corn soup, sambal sotong, rosemary potatoes, 1 bowl of ice jelly, 2 ondeh-ondeh, 1 small bowl of laksa, tomato salad.

BR ate: 1 large plate chap chye, half an ikan assam pedas, thousand island salad, apple salad, 4 tau pok from laksa ((her own bowl not HY’s), kueh pie tie filling, 4 pieces of achar, 2 ondeh-ondeh, nata de coco from ice jelly (her own bowl not HY’s).

HY adds: Sorry we did not eat more – we were both down with the flu.


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