do people still make things from dreams?

street art singapore dream giftsvict_onyx_turq_ring_er_set vict_onyx_turq_ring_er_set4 vict_onyx_turq_ring_er_set5 pera_intan_ring_24k7aq_intan_ring_22k4aq_intan_ring_22k5pearls_clover_studs_14wgpearls_clover_studs_14wg4pearls_clover_studs_14wg3 hand_felted_meadow_pins

dream gifts, dream gifts


Most people I know personally I realize are not adults. Why do we feel a need to ‘grow up’?

When most grown-ups are mental. Mental I tell you.

Youth is bestowed on the naive. ‘Most Cute’ are those who look like adults, who never have to chase a day holding sand in their small, little big fists.

Whose hearts beat and continually spoil –

For heartache never leaves the true heart.


You can’t hold on to sand
But you can
Rocks in my pocket.


1. Art Objects: Love Benefits

2. Antique Black Onyx Jewelry

3. Aquamarine Flower Ring, Peranakan Intan Ring

4. Small Diamond Ring, Peranakan Ring, Old Singapore

5. Antique Natural Pearl Earrings, Clover Studs

6. Hand felted pins

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