Is there a scent to being alive AND well?

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We spent an hour at the back of our old house this night but could not get Shadow to go into the pet carrier. He has been irregular in showing up at feeding time and today he was so slow to walk over. He is sick with cat flu and will not eat. He looks like he has not eaten for a few days; his bones come to the hand easily.

When he came near their two bowls, Oscar hissed at Shadow. It’s never happened before. They always head-butted each other (and won the prize for lovers), but today when Shadow tried to go near Oscar she shunned very coldly and wouldn’t allow him near her. I was very shocked. Even if self preservation is nature’s thing, I find it hard to believe a cat’s sense of wellbeing is more than a scent. And how will she live without him?

That’s a photo of them in the old house. Tomorrow we will borrow a pet tray from our pet store and try again. Compared to cat flu, starving to death is sadder.


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