Mongrel Jewelry

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Mongrel jewelry:

The mix of ancient and urban identities for revival, to give voice to a certain, uncertain self.

So much jewelry has come in the time before us. So much more is in line for production. Those who revive are those with their own stories.

The educated call it ‘revival jewelry’. The civilized, or uncivilized, prefer ‘mongrel’.

Hardly bastardized and surely not rubbish.


1. Art Deco Lady Figurine

2. Vintage Jade Leaf Pendant

3.  Spinach Jade Necklace

4. Antique Jade Ring, Peranakan Jewellery

5. Antique Baroque Pearl Necklace, Small

6. Small Gold Leaf Earrings

7. Antique Pearl Pendant, Art Nouveau Filigree

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