Thinking through the eye: art objects, punk pins and street art Singapore

nightfreaks_world_savage6nightfreaks_world_savage5nightfreaks_world_savage3Art Objects street art Singapore  micro_arrowheads2Ancient Relics For Salesmack_lips3too_much_good_taste3you_only_live_once2the_fingerstreet art Singapore


The crown is sculpted from a question I once asked my Mother.

The answer of all answers?

There are only two things a human being can exist for. They must either work or study.

< A Tribute To My Communist Mother > is a unique piece of self expression, communism or not, love or dread.

All handcrafted; one and only for now.

Composition is not complex. Reciprocity is.

Wood, enamel, resin, many, many days.

To live
Not to exist,

A Tribute To My Communist Mother.
(And Basquiat of course)

street art Singapore

1. Art Objects: Nightfreaks

2. Ancient Relics For Sale: Tiniest Arrowheads

3. Too Much Good Taste Can Be Boring

4. You Only Live Once

5. A Tribute To My Communist Mother

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