the white elephant gift exchange

mini_mast_ship_glassmini_mast_ship_glass4take_1_nightfreakstake_1_nightfreaks2film_strip_beginningwalter_merten_dioramawalter_merten_diorama2Modern Metal Sculpture

The Preatures is very good. The difficulty of making ‘mainstream’ music that is good at being good. I get a feeling this is not good because it is too good. Of course they are not American (will bounce, will not dance).

Also, I think the white elephant gift exchange must rest on this premise: one man’s meat is another man’s…

Or simply, you cannot eat art.


A many masted ship
is free
to collect
dust from boredom.


1. A Many Masted Ship Housed In Glass

2. Work In Progress, Nightfreaks

3. Modern Metal Sculpture, The Ruins

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