O Marilyn!

Tiny Trinket Box art_deco_aqua_18k5 art_deco_aqua_18k2 Tiny Trinket Box enamel_lady_trinket_box5three_graces_amulet3 1880_maenad_cameo_loc_15k7 three_graces_amulet61880_maenad_cameo_loc_15k8 1880_maenad_cameo_loc_15k5 1880_maenad_cameo_loc_15k

antique pendant jewellery,antique pendant jewellery


In the world of Western beauties, I’m not sure if there is a more enigmatic beauty than Marilyn M. I mean, even Marilyn on a t-shirt is stunning.

Maybe Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon.

Die young, beautiful echoes. Beauty is so, so alluring when unforgivably in the moment.


1. Art Deco Aquamarine Ring

2. Tiny Trinket Box, Enamel

3. The Three Graces Pendant, Antique Talisman

4. Gold Antique Cameo Locket, Greek Maenad

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