Cameo Jewelry Set

Cameo Jewelry Setartdeco_cameo_earrings_14k3


3cm tall!

Cameo Jewelry SetCameo Jewelry Setartdeco_cameo_10k2artdeco_cameo_ring_10k2artdeco_cameo_ring_10k3

cameo jewelry set

Rather beguiling, the wearing of sets, don’t you think? Ignore uppity.

We’ve selected dainty cameos for this reason, the casualness of the cameo was what made it popular. We don’t care for the big concho cameos. Those look like *you know this blank*.

Its history as personal memento items (used as ‘photos’ when there were none) and as part of the Greco Roman storytelling culture, from olden days through to the renaissance and then to Josephine and Napoleon… Cameos are a big part of the adoration and gifting culture of the old world. Romantic.

Jade in the east. Cameos in the west.


1. Antique Cameo Earrings, Art Deco

2. Antique Cameo Jewelry Set, Pendant and Ring

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