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The best candy in town


HY and I were talking about how people will buy anything someone will sell.

She tells me this story of… she’ll tell it better >

You know how in uni people will try to sell their shit at the end of every semester? I remember this fridge that would go on sale every semester’s end for $50. I thought of buying it once, cos 50 bucks for a fridge is not bad. If you think about all the $50 it collected, it truly was the gift that kept on… collecting 50 bucks.


The story is actually funnier to me than how she wrote it. I laughed very hard when I conjure her face thinking of buying the $50 fridge and that moment of doubt and that just about sums up my partner in crime and all my devious schemes…


1. Antique Soap Dish, Chinese

2. Rabbit Vintage Sake Cup

3. Vintage Pottery Cat, Blue Cat Figurine

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