What We Did on New Year’s Eve

Update: Found out that my dad has been getting haircuts from this place since his hair was black. He has a small personal bottle of oil he keeps with the aunties to use on his hair whenever he gets a haircut. And his seat is the second one on the right row of barber chairs.

We went to Chinatown on New Years Eve to buy some supplies and Bridget decided that she wanted a haircut. Yes, even her small tuft of hair needs to be occasionally pruned, and the amount of hair she has in that small tuft is surprising.

We walked passed an old hair salon with barber poles and all. The proprietors probably got sick of everyone looking in all the time, so they stuck privacy film all over the frontage.

Exactly our kind of place.

Still, we had to do a cursory check of the garden variety hair salons around. The hairdressers all had too much product in their hair, and too much product means LAZY HAIRCUTS. I AM NOT JOKING.

So we head back to the old hair salon and push open the front door. Many pairs of eyes stared at us. There were about 8 aunties in there. One aunty who was eating stopped eating and spun round her seat to stare at us. By us I mean Bridget. No one stares at me. Except our creepy cat Yosef.

After 10 seconds of stunned silence, a voice rang out, “Male or female?”

“Female, so don’t worry you can cut my hair!” says Bridget.

The oldest auntie there sits Bridget down in one of the old fire engine red barber chairs and proceeded to give Bridget the neatest prune of her tuft that you can imagine. No product. Just combed her side to the side.

The auntie then told us that they actually only cut men’s hair. That makes them a barber shop run by 10 aunties! How wonderful is that. And how wonderful that we caught them before they disappear, just like everything that means anything in this town.

Bridget says that in a women-run barber shop, there must be many aunties so they can all get together and beat the shit out of any man who behaves badly.

“Come back soon ok?” said the auntie who cut Bridget’s hair. My turn next time.


i think this is the lady who gives my dad his haircuts, and that is his usual seat.


a peanut gallery of aunties gathered to give commentary about bridget and her haircut.


more aunties gather.


sometimes they will touch bridget’s hair and head. the auntie in bright red kept telling me to take pictures at different angles so that we can have a 360° view of bridget’s head.


one umbrella for each auntie. the auntie in the background is cleaning a customer’s ears.


new year’s eve!


can you see how much hair is in bridget’s small tuft?






that’s me in my festive t-shirt outside the salon.



nice haircut.

women-run barber shop in singapore

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