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So my crazy uncle is building an extension for his youngest son Daniel. In fact, if you follow the address found on some sites you will go straight to their house. And see my crazy uncle.

Daniel is not yet nine years old, but he is a good combination of knowing and unknowing, perfect for our crime. He has grown obsessed with a small, round puzzle set I have, which while meant for 5 year-olds has gotten him stumped the first time. So the second time when he came around he had to ‘do it’, and he did, with a palpitating heart.

But the third time, the same puzzle stumped him, again, even when he wanted to complete it in record time. I perhaps aggravated him by tapping on my wrist.

Back to crazies. His father, also the man we contracted to renovate this house, is building a room at whatever space’s left at the front of their house so young Daniel can have a room on his own. This room is hedged like a comet has plunged onto the second floor. It is all glass.

We have been asking him on his views of sunscreen and privacy and he thinks we are crazies. Like Crazies Aunties. 

We bought the miniature puzzles at a toy store in Forum, where you can find things an adult has designed for children, remembering s/he too was once, in the middle of nowhere… Thank You Mr. Postman!!!

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