Meek Weed Badness

So we have an old friend we work with on another project. Let’s call him Tao Suan. Tao Suan is truly as old as the dessert he’s named after and also just as sweet!

Typing in between various social media platforms and deciding which photos to include that would be relevant:

Tao Suan, innocently, in typically old man style: Put a negro here, put a negro in…

HY: Tao Suan, you cannot say ‘negro’ anymore!! Hahahahahaha, hahaha!!!

BR: Hahahahahahahahah!!! Tao Suan is from another time but of course. Hahaha!!!

HY, innocently, continues typing: You can say ‘nigger’ but you cannot say ‘negro’.

Tao Suan, innocently, and this time emphatically, real work needs to be done: Put a nigger here. A nigger.

HY & BR: bW-HAHAhahhahahahahahah!!!

HY & BR: Tao Suan!!! YOU CANNOT SAY NIGGER LAHHHHH WTF!!! More guffaws amidst niggers and negros… *endless*


Later at night I felt bad. I wonder how I would feel in 20, 30 years’ time when I lose touch with keeping up with political correctness, or with whether people are serious or lame asses. So I text Tao Suan and apologized and hoped he will forgive us for laughing at his expense. He did of course, saying goodnight after a long ass message of class system in England and yadda yah.

Don’t let the bedbugs bite your nigger ass, we said.

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