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Today I would like to tell you about this man we often meet when we have our late dinners.

He is a tailor, said he’s 62 but looks 48. I notice him because he is always very well dressed, and every time we see him with his buddies he is always drinking. He remains well dressed and tucked in even after bottles.

One day finally he spoke to us. It was a day when he was drinking alone, not often. He pulled his chair over next to mine, between HY and I, while we were eating a plate of bitter gourd rice and fish. Sometime when he was sharing tips about how to be as svelte as himself (real stuff) he said he could,



He tried to demonstrate on my forearm using his index finger and I promptly tipped over!!!

I mean, I was seated and eating with a fork and spoon and my fork fell off. I was only saved from completely collapsing onto the ground because both HY and him grabbed me at that critical moment! If they had not, I truly would have landed on the ground thanks to his one finger!!!

For the benefit of one and all, the text means “One Finger Chop Sugarcane”.


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