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Hiroshige’s Cat in a Brothel.

art singapore
Antique Wood Book Stand
Antique Wood Book Stand


When collars matched.

Sometimes we forget they are animals. It would be this way too even if we had children. The universe is a strange place.

The term “ukiyo”, which can be translated as “floating world”, was homophonous with an ancient Buddhist term signifying “this world of sorrow and grief”. The newer term at times was used to mean “erotic” or “stylish”, among other meanings, and came to describe the hedonistic spirit of the time for the lower classes. This spirit was celebrated in the novel Ukiyo Monogatari (“Tales of the Floating World”, c. 1661) by Asai Ryōi:

“living only for the moment, savouring the moon, the snow, the cherry blossoms, and the maple leaves, singing songs, drinking sake, and diverting oneself just in floating, unconcerned by the prospect of imminent poverty, buoyant and carefree, like a gourd carried along with the river current: this is what we call ukiyo.”

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