The Lovesong of Stones and Us


One of the benefits of a diamond is to contrast other stones.


Almost perfect how the color enjoys the cut.


This is what a ruby sapphire corundum looks like. Can you see the blue in the red? It is really quite amazing Nature knows exactly how to.


While most aquamarines are blue, this one is greenish blue. This is chosen for how the green cradles the blue, in a triangular cut that manifests its color.



Two aquamarine rings, one old and one modern, all natural stones. The distinction in blue and greenish-blue is evident.


Gold as an alloy is not usually revealed to the customer but we like to. The difference in the color of yellow and white gold is not as great as you think. The subtle color is what we want, yellow or white. Enough of adulterated, shiny gold.


No prongs for the heart. The fairest heart (VVS) and simplest setting.




As more and more jewellery come our way, our eyes have grown accustomed to variety. In reality we have grown weary – is it silly to suffer from a case too much ‘design’?

The jewellery arm of our business is now called the Singapore Island Jewellery Store.

Our name change coincides with a deeper change inside us. The reflection within goes something like this: we want to use our curiosity and knowledge of stones to set them in jewellery impossible to replicate, not so because of design but because the stone speaks to us, so interesting, so rare.

We will go out of our way to locate a stone, and it will crawl its way into your heart. Like it has ours.

It’s almost a lovesong, the story of stones and our reflection in them:

“If you don’t know me by now, you will never never know me.”

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