Small Platinum Cross


Back up chain to heaven


Cross, platinum.



We are all over 1cm tall!



Any shift of any furniture gets Yosef.


Every black trash bag is Yosef’s.


The first thing we decide to design and make is this cross. The cross has a symbolic meaning to me beyond, I used to believe, religion. At one point I even believed I was looking for the word spirituality.

There are two platinum crosses out there. There’s Tiffany and there’s us. Ours is better because you cannot take the soul out of the non/believer.


I have been running many years,
lately I’ve begun to start counting.
Perhaps it is because it will soon
be twenty years
and it is the only constant.
Perhaps too it is how this constant
is changing despite how well I think
I know my brain. The brain and the mind
are not the same thing.
There is construction everywhere
along the beach and on
this particular spot, right
when you come down the overhead bridge
I would love to believe – the low rise moon lifts
the smell of curry
above the workers’ quarters –
I’m just there to catch
this emotion I’d never know.

I bluff.
I do.


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