With all the marks of forever beauty.


The old cut diamond is like an inner child. It does not care about what adults think, yet it lives on in the adult true to oneself.



Our old cut diamond ring is low slung. The prongs though thicker than usual form part of the ring’s beauty and design, much like a gypsy ring that embeds the stone.


Good form allows functional beauty.


An antique mirror from Douguya Products.


Fruit of the Earth, this pale pink diamond.


Some things are better left in the dark.



Are you ready for the Enduring Stack Ring?



Stacking form and function.


Its enduring form comes about from its ability to blend into the form of other rings, creating a new whole.



Alone, it may be a curious creature but you sense its narrative.


Products with form and function are simple and beautiful, then and now.


Gunny the rescued donkey with a gray tree frog, on a farm at which I wish to be a neighbor to.


Suddenly diamonds are diamonds no more, when you realize their beauty is not in itself but shining onto others.

For a long time, we had a thing against diamonds and even avoided them. But the more we work with other stones, the more we realize nothing elevates another like diamonds, as nothing darkens like the absence of one.

This is also the week we will get our couch delivered. Since we moved in, we’ve not cared about whether there is a place to sit and relax (we sit at the workbench and desk and to relax we sleep!). Everything was structured around our work. Now we are making small changes but there is still no television. I will have to watch them at the coffeeshop.

Funny then that we have moved the workbench into the jewellery room. Our idea is to bridge the beauty of the final product to the process. Veggies straight from the garden. Soil and worms and the sun and moon.

Harvesting is backbreaking I tell you.


1. Small Old Cut Diamond Ring

2. Small Pink Diamond Ring

3. Enduring Diamond Stack Ring

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