Parks and Recreation on Netflix

We have been getting all our laughs from Parks and Recreation on Netflix recently. It’s about all these earnest people in a small town doing small but important things. It’s all about the small things.

Here’s Ron Swanson explaining government to a little girl.

I always think that Singapore should have our own version of Parks and Recreation. One of the characters would be our neighbour who does all things, including Net talking to traffic police, in a pair of FBT shorts (sometimes he is also topless) and a pair of sky blue Crocs.

In case you’re wondering how to get Netflix, all you need to do is get a VPN account from StrongVPN for around $50 a year. There are others out there, but StrongVPN is what we use; it’s been reliable and fast.

After you sign up for Netflix, you can binge watch Daredevil like we did and also watch terrible lesbian movies.

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