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Brandon Juhasz, paper!


I am actually quite asthmatic. On days when it acts up, I don’t let the cat come too close. When Yosef gets to sit beside me, he will want me to push my chair to where it touches his. This is his instructive look.


One of the early things we did. Canvas art, “One day we will have our perfect journey”.


Color changing stones.


Nature’s game.


Every time I mention I believe things are changing, eyes light up. It does not matter who I am speaking to, be they entrepreneurs with a track record, a young interracial couple about to marry, and the many flurry of faces we meet through our business.

The millennials are very different from those of us born in the ’70s and ’80s. I thought it could be youth, but I doubt it is that simple. Youth is wasted on naiveté, but for a reason.

The fact that anything goes and yet nothing will do is an attitude that comes with instant knowledge and a dominant left-brained world. More and more people, I feel, believe that loneliness is a weakness. They may not say so, they may even be supportive, but our collective actions towards one another tells me people are irrational and say one thing and can’t help but be something else.

The ways we grew up cannot be undone. The ways we cannot grow up cannot be undone.

Singapore is changing. The complex duality of Singaporean-ness and freedom-to-be is seen most in these millennials, the rest of us who refuse to believe (that Singapore is changing) or sorta believe can only watch and sometimes, pretend involvement.

It is taking so long, because I am old. But that doesn’t mean I don’t keep treating people right, in fact treat them better than I know how to treat myself. How many of you can say that?

I can, so I remain easily confused by the actions of those unlike me (meaning I am always confused), and still I believe things are changing.


The ‘attic’ of the house at the back is finally rented out. I knew it’s a lady from the day I saw the lights left on till very late. I know she’s afraid. I know she likes fresh air. Before she moved in, the previous tenant never opened the windows. We never thought someone could have stayed in there, thinking always it’s just light shone from below.

Last night I saw her pacing about, at her back were fairy lights. In this photo I can see a wind chime, a Singapore flag, a pot of plant.

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