The Gestalt Sun




“The Lenox Lounge is a gem inside and out. I didn’t go to hear music, just sat at the bar after work, surrounded by affable working stiffs who, like me, needed a stiff drink. Unfortunately a mild beer is the most I can handle these days, but at the happy hour price of $3 a bottle, it hit the spot well within budget. The crowd was congenial without being nosy or noisy, and after a stressful work day, nothing could have been better. But the city’s changing and the Lenox Lounge with it, and I have a bad feeling that it’s going to turn all fancy-pants, and not be the kind of place it’s OK to sit and drink a $3 beer for an hour in the company of regular people.”

RIP Lenox Lounge, 1942 – 2012


The stone above is a red sunstone. In the city it makes you think of lemon lime and bitters; in the country, the setting sun on the hay. Behold the colors of this ring.

This sunstone is completely natural, with no treatment, and had gone straight from the mine to the lapidarist and then to us. It is red stripe with straw yellow, very clear and cut very well that the whole stone is saturated with color!

Given this is our first sunstone ring, it is no surprise we want to have it like a sun – a gestalt sun! The diamonds are bezel set in two, stepped rows, the gold and diamond applied in equal parts. The idea is to pattern the brilliance of the white (diamond) and yellow (gold) so the warm red of the sunstone can form without being compromised. A ‘halo’ setting not controlled well results in nothing but a cocktail ring.

A few years ago tanzanite was not the big deal it is now.  Looks like the sunstone is set to become a hot stone.

We are working with stones more intimately now and restoring old jewellery on the side.

The universe has many secrets. Sometimes, a stone is not just a stone. A neon light not just a light.

We are also watching a lot of Trailer Park Boys. I have even bought subscription on SwearNet!


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