You Have Too Much Shit



Work-in-progress, Fear Is A Prison.


Work-in-progress: Something the eye knows.


The second chimera that’s waiting for a door or drawer.


19th century Garuda who’s finally going home to Bali.

On Friday our friend came to pick up his glasses. He is involved with the Taksu work many Balinese folks and artists know about, a source of spiritual and creative energy hard to put into words. He also brought back a 19th century bell we had thought was a French chimera, which turned out to be a Balinese Garuda.

When he was downstairs, he kept saying he needed to buy something. He has never said that all the times he visited us. It was like there was a sense of urgency, stupid and forthright, but nothing short of adorable human knowledge. When he came in, backpack still on his back, he bent down and asked what’s that? He has spotted the strange object placed amongst the jewellery in the room. He rang the bell several times and I think, connected with it. This ritual bell was not the dinner bell we thought it was. The ritual bell was used by Balinese performers and was probably stolen from them when they traveled to perform in France. Our wise friend told us that. From the vibrrrations I think.

Anyway, he paid us in cash and proceeded to bless us with a wad of notes, tap-tap shoulder, tap-tap tabletop, tap-tap hwee yee.

He left a really good energy in the house. Said this place has taksu.

His visit has come to us in a trying week.


Magik is very important to art. Art is very important to life. Life can be very bitter without art. And art, like pornography, is very hard to define, but “I know it when I see it”.

The You Have Too Much Shit self-help book can be digitally downloaded for free. Ironically or course, you can buy it.

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