Henderson Waves



Located on Mount Faber, the two-storey bungalow has been known as the Danish Seamen’s Church since 1985. But when it was first built it was known as Golden Bell Mansion, a private residence owned by Tan Boon Liat.



This entrance is fallen with leaves. It is the better entrance, in my opinion. Made me feel small and formidable.



The moon always knows even if those not alone do not.




The end of all our walks appear with the light of a vending machine. NParks is amazing,


Our friend tells us Henderson Waves was built for monkeys. She said, only matter-of-factly, that it was “to build a bridge so that monkeys and other wildlife can cross between Telok Blangah Hill and Mount Faber Park and there will be less roadkill”.

HW is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, at 36 metres above ground. It is part of Southern Ridges, over 10km of free, open spaces of flora and fauna.

Which we WILL GO this November, in bright when all things light.


Back to our friend A. Of course HY and I cannot stop laughing when we came home. Because her face was so earnest and every Friday we wait (sort of in ambush) to listen to the stories (of acclaim) our friend tells us on our night escapades.

A also said she disapproves of picking up in bars. hahhahahh. This was in the car before we reached Mount Faber. Then when we were high above sea level on the HW bridge, we saw some teenagers blowing smoke through gaps in the bala wood, doing what teenagers do. She said they did not respect the “architectural art” of the place and throughout the rest of our walk echoed “architectural art” many a splendored times.


As I age I disapprove of wild nights of booze and prefer to turn off the tap of sex for those pockets of moments when I am reminded of adventure.


But you cannot deny being truly alive ravishes the same way being young indulges. Well, the closest. The feeling that there is life going on elsewhere.

…wise men at their end know dark is right
do not go gentle into the night… 



This soft-furred cat ran across the bridge just as A was spouting one instance of “architectural art”. There you go!


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