The Rise of Slow Fashion: Precious Redefined


This rare zircon will change from a white grey to pale pink if you keep it in the dark for several days. Can you discern its pink undertones here?



Here the zircon is in its stable grey, in effect an ultra white that is so bright.






A properly grey stone that has fire and sparkle is hard to come by – have you seen one?




Shine bright like a diamond.



I think a little pink is peeking through in the low light.



Fiercely clear.



See the green?



Now see the blue?



Now see how this Greenish-blue zircon sparkles under low light.


Even lower light.



Can you separate the green from the blue?



Know your gems. Know your Self.


Many people think the Zircon stone is similar to Zirconia, so they would never consider it for a special ring. The two stones couldn’t be more different. One is not a gemstone.

Zircons are one of the oldest stones on Earth, with over 4 billion years history. Diamonds? 700 million. Zirconia, you know it. They became just as fashionable as when young love needed confirmation. Very inexpensive love.

During the 1920s, many zircons were set into Art Deco engagement rings. People in that Jazz age were all for the ‘lesser known’, more pizzazz. I believe more people would love zircons if only they knew about them.

Stores would of course push diamonds. Diamonds seem inexhaustible and they have developed the best-in-style techniques to cut them. Yet if you place a well cut zircon beside a well cut diamond, it pales neither in clarity nor fire.

For a good stone, the secret is in the cut.

For the novice gem gazer/lover, the secret is exploring.

The cycle of civilization you and I are in now is chaos. Slow and sustainable is the future.

You can see the zircons here: Chameleon Zircon, Ultra White, and Greenish-blue Zircon.

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