The one who saved them all.




Super duper…


…curious everybody!!!



While the outside falls apart, these animals DON’T CARE.


playing with the wheel of my skates


I fear for them fish


Mad March. A month of dealing with developers, main con, building management, plumbers, electrician, and one or two taiji experts.

Of course our endurance must be tested (or we are not humans). March is also the month we had to bail out four strays from AVA. They were caught by the pest control company when one of the owners living opposite us lodged a complaint.

That day we heard a piercing meowing downstairs. So we went down to check it out. The rest is history. We had to do something. Didn’t see, never mind…

The thing is these cats were here long before they moved into this neighbourhood.

Hero is named for a reason. He is very kitten-ish, in spite of his overriding desire to not die.

The other is Murmur, named also for a reason. We think she must be very old.



That will be us. When we are Finally Open.


When I moved from one house to another
there were many things I had no room
for. What does one do? I rented a storage
space. And filled it. Years passed.
Occasionally I went there and looked in,
but nothing happened, not a single
twinge of the heart.

As I grew older the things I cared
about grew fewer, but were more
important. So one day I undid the lock
and called the trash man. He took

I felt like the little donkey when
his burden is finally lifted. Things!
Burn them, burn them! Make a beautiful
fire! More room in your heart for love,
for the trees! For the birds who own
nothing – the reason they can fly.

Storage, Mary Oliver


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