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Many antique/fine jewellery businesses have lost their soul. Human beings have been adorning themselves with accessories and ornaments since the Neanderthals walked the earth. Jewellery has always been about our humanity. We want to bring that back. Consumption alone does not bring about a meaningful, magical and memorable life. We want to encourage thinking with more feeling through whatever we sell or create.

On a less philosophical note, we hand build not only custom pieces but all our jewellery. We do things the old way, including setting jewellery with antique techniques. We draw our ideas; we forge each piece by hand. We restore old jewellery like we restore old lamps. When a piece is beyond restoration, we envision another life for it. We do not give up.


We are adding an accessories category to World Savage, for jewellery that may not be considered ‘fine’ but is fine nonetheless. Old of course. Soul over reason.

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