A Calf Born In Winter






Oil in miniature. Framed in bronze.


A woman arranging your hair is a good reason to relax. The boy on the outermost looks definitely to be a satyr. Wherefore those eyes? The hair uprisen, hell’s going to break.



Only 10 carats. Near transparent. What fortune.  10ct_catseye6 cliche_first_prize vict_snake_cuff_9k2vict_snake_cuff_9k3 cherub_headstand cherub_headstand2peranakan_wedding_jewels pera_bintang_diamond pera_intan_linked_br5 pera_intan_linked_br2 big_horse_small_horsesnake_silver_gilt_french_mesh2 emotion_emotionless snake_silver_gilt_french_meshsnake_gold_vict_mesh3_navette_ringsjune2016


That voice from right inside you?

As sure as the sun rises
And the moon follows.



Please listen to this. The calf born in winter, so easy to come into being, but so hard to forget.

We have some memorable incense in the store. Sunrise. Rainforest. Midnight. Nat Champa. I put these in the store, as we use them at home and have come to realize the serenity of incense.

For meditating people, you can levitate with the Yoga Series.

Stress Relief is really wonderful, sweet but air gets through. Personally, I prefer Indian incense over Nepalese ones as they smell less like incense. If I need to pray I don’t need incense to remind me.

I also have lots of jewellery I cannot be arsed to photograph. I’m at the library everyday and hate it when the message comes in:

“Dear readers. The library is closing in 30 minutes. Please take your books to the borrowing machine blah.”

Then 15 minutes later, another. The last 5 minutes they will sweep your backside with the toilet broom.


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