Brossa D’ahir

The space here in World Savage is not to sell some jewels, well hopefully not.

Sometimes there are all these images in my head that don’t go anywhere in the little crevices of what a head should contain, and finding the type of music that talks to your day is better than lottery. There is a link in the two I know.

I also imagine eating the rainbow bread and tasting the colours gently, overtly, crazily!

O but this is a crazy month. HY and I have all fallen to a most virulent flu. It involves us lying astride in bed, where we’ve made a pinkie pact should we stand up on our legs once more we will never take our health for granted again.

Alceu-Vos, Xe, Que Ja És De Dia / Sènt is the first track of Brossa D’ahir. My favourite. Is it the album art? Is it the life on Mallorca? Is it the year 1977?

Is it the frog that strums a guitar as well as HY?

Is it escape we crave?

Are humans built for incremental lives, or am I just a sidewalk clown?

All the above is the output of a virulent flu.

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