About World Savage

– An everyday journal for not truly everyday goods –

World Savage is not Savage World.

World Savage is like the cosmos. The cosmos cannot be only the savage world, although the savage world is a part of it.

WS presents one or a few objects per idea. This idea is an ideal no doubt, embracing the mind’s complexity, its fragmented eye with a storytelling approach. We endeavor a magical correlation between objects, art, joy, beauty, time and the man in the street, concepts that have been milked since mankind understood solitude, yet never sufficient. We are aware of too much, yet we fight the predictable. We are inspired by being apprentices to meaning. We hope our endeavor provokes your memory and magic relates to your meaning.

The WS cosmos includes of Singapore Island Jewellery Store, and Alone Together. It is, as I write, an expanding universe.

See our ethos for a blast!

Business Registration 53068071L. Use this world but desire heaven.