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There is this spot in the old Katong Shopping Center we pass by sometimes. (I think Katong S.C. is one of the oldest shopping malls in Singapore, after Queensway S.C.) This spot is one of those little roofed units along the walkway, where the AC indoors run off to the non air-conditioned areas, this the older malls tend to have, usually for food vendors.

The point is, you do know these little, natural pleasures won’t be here for long, right?

Anyway, I have spoken to HY more than a few times, of my desire to run a little joint at this spot. I’ve watched it change hands a few times, from Malay Muslim vendor to a cutesy gelato stand, to a believe-it-or-not Cheers drinks bar, and now the Indian Muslim


Furniture For Sale





1. Main counter, that used to be a watch counter. You will want this for its wonderfully long body which does not come up often.

2. Aqua cabinet, three selves with sliding windows. You will want this to display your items and have space to put more smaller cabinets or ornaments above.

3. Bookcase, small size for a neat library. You will want this for its slim depth and have space to put other items above.

We may let go some other pieces, like the Berlin tiered units perhaps. The seriously keen should email us or ring 6536 8590.




Live for freedom
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4. Big Sterling Silver Dog Tag, Sterling Silver Dog Tag, Stacking Sterling Silver Pendants






Halid is the worker who has been helping us clean up our renovation mess. He’s 25 years old, has an older brother working in Saudi Arabia, and two sisters, both married. “My sister married at 18. She has two children already. Girls in Bangladesh 16, 17, 18 married already,” he says, shaking his head.

The thing about Halid is that he’s really proud of his work. He tells me that he’s a fast painter and very good. “You surely like my work” is what I hear from him a lot. He definitely does not have Asperger’s.

Today, Halid is painting the balcony that overlooks our neighbour’s house.

“Sister, you know mead?”

“Mead? What mead?”

“Mead mead.”

“Oh MAID. What about the maid? You like ah?”

He smiles. “Where is she from?”

“Philippines.” “Philippines?? She don’t look like.”

Our neighbour’s helper wears glasses and is a picture of quiet erudition. She looks like an Asian version of Miss Honey from Matilda.

“hahah, everybody wants to talk to her, cos she looks sweet and gentle, but she is very quiet.”

“I said hello. Why she no talking?”

We all know that feeling.




Huat Kueh and Forebearance

The thing about living in Joo Chiat and the 7th month hungry ghost period is that I always have to stop our food-motivated dog from eating the offerings left by the side of the road. Even the week old ones. Even the two week old ones. Last night, while I was talking to some neighbours about our dog’s recent escape (and rescue), the greedy dog bit a piece of huat kueh (this awful tasting cake that would make me mad if I was a hungry ghost – I want, you know, eggs benedict), dried and hard from the sun and dust and whatever floats around in Joo Chiat. I grabbed it out of his mouth, threw the huat kueh on the pavement, and bid a hasty, embarrassed farewell to my neighbours.

This very hot morning, I took the dog out again, and sometimes, when it’s very hot, I


SG Futurists


We were greeted by this great sign when we came to the store today. Once we have some time, we will post up the audio file of the ukelele club’s meeting last weekend. Weekends turn the nondescript local Hackerspace (upstairs World Savage) into all kinds of things. Not everyone has the experience of hearing a crony of ukeleles from beneath wooden floors. It was gorgeous, I imagine like what paradise must sound like, when we’re in that next room, stealing a nap.

And another one:





Photographic Studies








Some faces/expressions have to be feigned/art directed. How else to explain why some are TOTALLY cliched, at a time when I expect naturalism to prevail more.

A funny little project if undertaken today would face even more cliche issues…



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