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Bullshit. Again.

The property manager who works for the investment company that owns 93 Club Street has informed us that we also need to remove the three antique pendant lamps original to the building, all of which have never worked since the day we moved in.

I have vertigo from rolling my eyes. If it was Lee Kuan Yew renting the space, will they ask Lee Kuan Yew to remove the lights?

Meanwhile, the white guy renting the upper floors of the building does not need to do anything before moving out. The thing is, when you’re Chinese, a woman, and gay, you will always think, is it my race, is it my gender.

In any case, the investment company should just buy their employees a bunch of coolie hats and make them prostrate permanently at dick level already.


If bad things happen to you, it’s because you are *facing* a piece of shit

Bridget and I are not the best business people; we earnestly believe in trusting people first until they prove us wrong. This has mostly worked out for us because of the connections we make with people who come to the store. Usually, when you set out to treat people with the best of intentions, they reciprocate. Unlike what my younger, cynical self liked to believe about people, most people are not pieces of shit.

And then last week, we actually met the human equivalent of a skid mark on tightey whiteys. The skid mark woman came in the form of an tall, imposing woman, spoke good English, is from Malaysia, runs an events and communications company, is named


$50 A Piece What’s There To Fear?






The Funniest, Greediest Minds Of Us All

So we’re having a moving out sale!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about who is the funniest and greediest entity of 93 Club Street at the tail end of our tenure. Is it:

A. Bridget and Hwee Yee who want to sell many $50 dresses.

B. The people who want Bridget and Hwee Yee to remove a mirror left behind by the previous tenant, because their lawyers have told them that Bridget and Hwee Yee chose to retain the mirror, so Bridget and Hwee Yee must now remove it. Bridget and Hwee Yee also chose to retain the ceiling recess lights, so the lights will also need to be removed. Potential new tenants can then view the unit in pitch black darkness.

This mini rant is likely to be the last of our rental rant series. The reason why I write about these things is because I am hopelessly small time and I have small time concerns.

Here are Rental Rent 1 and Rental Rant 2.



Yesterday we met the slimiest real estate agent yet. He walked into the store reeking of cheap perfume and speaking loudly in an American accent. He lined up 4 viewings all at the same time so it would look like lots of people want the space. That is only slightly slimy, and it’s probably a common trick that his slime ball mentors imparted to him.

When this fresh off the boat white guy asked him about the condition of the building, he replied that the building is in wonderful condition because URA places strict maintenance standards on conservation buildings that owners must comply to (REALLY????).

He told the same guy, who I think wants to run a retail store on Club Street, that Club Street is filled with people in the afternoon all the way till the evening. And there we were, early evening time, just me and Bridget in the store, picking dust off the floor, listening quietly to his licentious blaring, hoping that the lights would go off then and there, but they didn’t.

He only does all this lying to the new white guy, cos he thinks he can get away with it. This gross, slimy, cheap perfumed douche bag.

Say it with me, SCUM OF THE UNIVERSE.


I Wish You Could Know How It Feels To Be Me


A lot has happened in this last week.

We found a place, agreed to take it, then could not, found another the next day, viewed and put down a deposit the same day. While all this was happening, we also said yes first, and almost yes the whole way, then no finally, to a very attractive invitation to collaborate with some rather visible project to be unveiled soon. It turned out we were too small fish to work with the big ones, and I think, because we are easily excited and forget to consider individual motives. The world is big yes, but the business strategic world is like an aquarium. The right mix of fish and food must cohabit; the breed of each fish and food determined, never arbitrarily. I must admit I suffered a kind of ‘heartache’, because I had to believe, digest and disbelieve in a few days, all while looking for a suitable place to move both the store and our home. A learning experience folks.

One love, one God, one life
You got to do what you should
One life, with each other, sister, brother
One life, but we’re not the same
We got to carry each other, carry each other.

I wish I knew how it would feel to be free.

But yes, we found a place and to move Stevie General Store to. We will say more when we are not weeping in joy.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and suggestions. I know our struggles are not unique, but still I cannot believe our good luck and friends, visible and invisible.






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