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There Comes A Point

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Paolo Barzman "baRoQue dEcadeNts"
antique jewelry holder

crane metal wall art
crane metal wall art

“For Love” | Amethyst | Opal | Birds | MirrorTwo Cranes | Downlights


Do you have a photo you want to give voice to?

GUP magazine is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an open call for submissions. Deadline extended and submissions now accepted till October 1. No theme, age or location rules!!

The head is real, but all that remains is, a picture.


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Lucky Bean Lamps, Vintage Lighting Singapore

wall downlights


GUP is a photography magazine I like very much. It features interesting new work with a human dimension first and art second if this is possible. I have two subscriptions, Granta and GUP, and one supplementary credit card from HY.

Indoor Plant Lamps

Wall Downlights | Plant Lamps


Who else makes it work but us, living in a small, 90% sunless space with a big love for the bigger earth? Not to mention the ambient light these lamps provide – very photogenic and powerful for potheads. Dreammmy.

Consider these if you walk by too many dark areas and want (to grow) a lucky bean.

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Home Goods

Today I would like to tell you about this man we often meet when we have our late dinners.

He is a tailor, said he’s 62 but looks 48. I notice him because he is always very well dressed, and every time we see him with his buddies he is always drinking. He remains well dressed and tucked in even after bottles.

One day finally he spoke to us. It was a day when he was drinking alone, not often. He pulled his chair over next to mine, between HY and I, while we were eating a plate of bitter gourd rice and fish. Sometime when he was sharing tips about how to be as svelte as himself (real stuff) he said he could,



He tried to demonstrate on my forearm using his index finger and I promptly tipped over!!!

I mean, I was seated and eating with a fork and spoon and my fork fell off. I was only saved from completely collapsing onto the ground because both HY and him grabbed me at that critical moment! If they had not, I truly would have landed on the ground thanks to his one finger!!!

For the benefit of one and all, the text means “One Finger Chop Sugarcane”.




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Hiroshige’s Cat in a Brothel.

art singapore
Antique Wood Book Stand
Antique Wood Book Stand


When collars matched.

Sometimes we forget they are animals. It would be this way too even if we had children. The universe is a strange place.

The term “ukiyo”, which can be translated as “floating world”, was homophonous with an ancient Buddhist term signifying “this world of sorrow and grief”. The newer term at times was used to mean “erotic” or “stylish”, among other meanings, and came to describe the hedonistic spirit of the time for the lower classes. This spirit was celebrated in the novel Ukiyo Monogatari (“Tales of the Floating World”, c. 1661) by Asai Ryōi:

“living only for the moment, savouring the moon, the snow, the cherry blossoms, and the maple leaves, singing songs, drinking sake, and diverting oneself just in floating, unconcerned by the prospect of imminent poverty, buoyant and carefree, like a gourd carried along with the river current: this is what we call ukiyo.”


For man has closed himself up


My Valentine from HY.



Little Petey Bananas. Small bananas are not particularly enticing but I get them for these stickers!



“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.” ― William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell



HY’s desk. The elves have not appeared. Not once.



Love seeketh not itself to please, nor for itself hath any care, but for another gives its ease, and builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair.
William Blake, Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience


We only put up a selected few of Blake’s art in Art & Objects. My humble opinion is his visual pairings of human mortality and dark words work the best. Why?

No one else does it better.

Please write to us if you want to see more.


wherein this tower








hero and leander art




Ship | Family Portrait | Railroad Light | Firecracker | Scales | Nereids | Natural Ring Holder | Tank Life


Hero and Leander is the Greek myth relating the story of Hero, a priestess of Aphrodite who dwelt in a tower in Sestos on the European side of the Hellespont, and Leander, a young man from Abydos on the opposite side of the strait. Leander fell in love with Hero and would swim every night across the Hellespont to be with her. Hero would light a lamp at the top of her tower to guide his way.

Succumbing to Leander’s soft words and to his argument that Aphrodite, as the goddess of love, would scorn the worship of a virgin, Hero allowed him to make love to her. These trysts lasted through the warm summer. But one stormy winter night, the waves tossed Leander in the sea and the breezes blew out Hero’s light; Leander lost his way and was drowned. When Hero saw his dead body, she threw herself over the edge of the tower to her death to be with him.


Tank Life:

Don’t you sometimes know you are living a tank life? I do, especially when I look up and suddenly the moon is caught between two leaves, framed perfectly no matter how I move in those few moments, because I am stubborn and refuse to believe the moon does not have to be caught. I do this a lot, changing my footing to challenge the case of the moon.

And each and every time I am surprised she is ready.



if you want the rainbow

seafront_waves_oil3seafront_waves_oil4Seashore Oil Paintingjapanese_shikishi_koiJapanese Koi Paintingetwab_world_savage6Art Objects For Sale26_jan_2015_228_jan_201528_jan_2015_223_jan_201523_jan_2015_2


January is almost.

Whilst I bleed and crack with devilish intent.

February is reminder for love.

My tattooist is a great father. He gets up when it’s still dark to make breakfast for his daughter, who’s old enough to be taking her O-levels this year. He asks me about Disneyland and I’m excited for them, like I wish I could follow. He told me he’s no good with women but will buy the best kaya for his daughter’s breakfast.


1. Small Vintage Oil Painting

2. Small Seashore Oil Painting

3. Small Japanese Koi Painting

4. Art Objects For Sale: Hyper Reality

5. Vintage Blake Lithographic Prints


Vintage Owl Decor

Vintage Owl Decor, Vintage Owl Decor

vintage owl salt and pepper shakers


I promise thee…

Till Death Do Us Part

owl_in_the_mirror vintage owl ornament

Vintage Owl Decor

Most of us know owls by their imaginings.

Most of us know owls by our personal journeys.

Most owls don’t give a hoot about us.

Most owls who hoot don’t know us but I bet they know our journeys.


1. Vintage Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers

2. Vintage Owl Pottery Folk Art

3. Vintage Owl Ornament, Cast Iron

4. Modernist Retro Table Lamp



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