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Personalised Jewellery Singapore

Personalised Jewellery Singapore

personalised jewellery singapore

Silver, copper, brass, aluminum, discs, squares, oblongs, diamonds, hearts, keys, bookmarks, coins. The finished product rarely looks like what they did.

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Never existential.


Somewhat existential.


Clyde on a very, very hot day. Still King of Joo Chiat backways. Crime Watch was after all filmed in this alley.


1. Personalize any piece.

If you are happy to pay, we are happy to make. From scratch. Any-thing. 

[email protected]


2. Wall Mounted Holder for Anything, Ye Olde Swan

3. Mid Century Modern Table Lamp


do people still make things from dreams?

street art singapore dream giftsvict_onyx_turq_ring_er_set vict_onyx_turq_ring_er_set4 vict_onyx_turq_ring_er_set5 pera_intan_ring_24k7aq_intan_ring_22k4aq_intan_ring_22k5pearls_clover_studs_14wgpearls_clover_studs_14wg4pearls_clover_studs_14wg3 hand_felted_meadow_pins

dream gifts, dream gifts


Most people I know personally I realize are not adults. Why do we feel a need to ‘grow up’?

When most grown-ups are mental. Mental I tell you.

Youth is bestowed on the naive. ‘Most Cute’ are those who look like adults, who never have to chase a day holding sand in their small, little big fists.

Whose hearts beat and continually spoil –

For heartache never leaves the true heart.


You can’t hold on to sand
But you can
Rocks in my pocket.


1. Art Objects: Love Benefits

2. Antique Black Onyx Jewelry

3. Aquamarine Flower Ring, Peranakan Intan Ring

4. Small Diamond Ring, Peranakan Ring, Old Singapore

5. Antique Natural Pearl Earrings, Clover Studs

6. Hand felted pins


Thinking through the eye: art objects, punk pins and street art Singapore

nightfreaks_world_savage6nightfreaks_world_savage5nightfreaks_world_savage3Art Objects street art Singapore  micro_arrowheads2Ancient Relics For Salesmack_lips3too_much_good_taste3you_only_live_once2the_fingerstreet art Singapore


The crown is sculpted from a question I once asked my Mother.

The answer of all answers?

There are only two things a human being can exist for. They must either work or study.

< A Tribute To My Communist Mother > is a unique piece of self expression, communism or not, love or dread.

All handcrafted; one and only for now.

Composition is not complex. Reciprocity is.

Wood, enamel, resin, many, many days.

To live
Not to exist,

A Tribute To My Communist Mother.
(And Basquiat of course)

street art Singapore

1. Art Objects: Nightfreaks

2. Ancient Relics For Sale: Tiniest Arrowheads

3. Too Much Good Taste Can Be Boring

4. You Only Live Once

5. A Tribute To My Communist Mother


Time Is Love

fitzgerald_quote_brassfitzgerald_quote_brass2pera_lantern_charmpera_lantern_charm2vict_cats_eye_18k3vict_cats_eye_18k5vict_cats_eye_18k7vict_cats_eye_18k670s_bezel_dia_18wg270s_bezel_dia_18wg470s_bezel_dia_18wgpaste_ball_studs_9kpaste_ball_studs_9k42_dec_2014time is love30_nov_2014

Time Is Love.

I could feel the tears well up midway into the clip. PMS of course.


What you pawn –

Sometimes a love story lives in you,

no matter how old
or how the story is told.

The body is a cage

in which a note is buried
through a bird released
through its bursted chest.

– I will redeem.




1. Custom Engraved Disc Pendant Necklace

2. Gold Tassel Pendant Charm, Vintage Peranakan Jewellery

3. Antique Cats Eye Ring

4. 80s Vintage Diamond Ring Band

5. Vintage Paste Earrings, Disco Ball


Running Up That Hill



O neon lights
I make the fiends I lack

And if I only could,
Make a deal with God,
And get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
Be running up that building.

If I only could, oh…


No matter how tall a leaf is, but when it falls it goes back to its roots.


Foundlings and Nestlings

handmade silver jewelry singaporefoundlings_nestlings2 foundlings_nestlings3 foundlings_nestlings4 foundlings_nestlings5 foundlings_nestlings6 foundlings_nestlings7 foundlings_nestlings8 handmade silver jewelry singapore 14sept_2014_2 14sept_2014_3 14sept_2014_4

Before I forget, I must say thanks to Yong for her fish sauce chili, homemade with love and a great tease in the simple fare HY and I eat at home.

In the month of August, we have only just discovered the secret of packaged hotpot broth. Which is the secret of a successful hotpot / steamboat at home. Listen to me, go easy on the red dates. Use instant when there is instant. Use friends’ homemade anything when it is homemade


1. Art Deco Cast Iron Alsatian Lamp With Nautical Milk Glass Shade

2. 1900s Chromolithograph Cloud Study Art Print

3. Love Unites, a small, pretentious rock n roll silver jewelry collection

4. Jack Earle The Giant and apparently we have his ring!
Jack stood at 7 ft 7 12 in (2.324 m) at the end of his life. We can fit three fingers into this ring.

handmade silver jewelry singapore

handmade silver jewelry singapore



Antique Diamond Flower Ring












Courage comes from rage.

Beauty is a belief.

Grace is relief.

Else why age?


1. Art Deco Diamond Flower Ring

2. The Three Graces And More

3. Gold and Silver Threader Earrings




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