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Boat rings and puzzles



The continuing magic of the Enduring Diamond Stack Ring.


The major and the minor.


Crowning the moon.


Puzzle pieces.



Work-in-progress, grrr, grrrr, where’re my legs???


I have a guideline for buying navette rings, or Revival type styles. Even though the latter is not popular in Singapore, where revival jewellery is seen as old-fashioned, or just “too much” in a day’s work…

Truth be told, my guideline is the Olsen girls. If I cannot imagine the ring on any of Ashley Olsen’s fingers, or the pair of earrings on Mary-Kate’s ears, I cannot find a reason to buy it. I could plaster a dozen photos of the way the sisters wear jewellery here but I refrain (unless you say I should so I don’t appear starstruck). It is embarrassing at my age.

Seeing how fast the social media paradigm is changing our style landscape, perhaps in five or ten years, Singaporean women will realize revival jewellery is not ‘ethnic’ or oldie. They will be able to tell the difference between “too much” and personal style. Or personal style and store-bought style.

A little birdie told us that the shopping paradigm of the future is one of DIY or customizable offerings, and this will be a big wave across both everyday and luxury shopping. The success of Pandora is just the beginning. The brands that last will be the brands that know how to show people how to be personal. We will look at one another and immediately be drawn to the other’s difference (the easiest way I can think to describe this is like when you are in Harajuku), as opposed to convenient labels and… pigeonholes.

Soul is a very lovely thing. It is probably the only thing lovelier than youth. Because all of us (can) have it, and have it for a long time.

Will Aimee Mann’s style ever grow old?

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Lucky Bean Lamps, Vintage Lighting Singapore

wall downlights


GUP is a photography magazine I like very much. It features interesting new work with a human dimension first and art second if this is possible. I have two subscriptions, Granta and GUP, and one supplementary credit card from HY.

Indoor Plant Lamps

Wall Downlights | Plant Lamps


Who else makes it work but us, living in a small, 90% sunless space with a big love for the bigger earth? Not to mention the ambient light these lamps provide – very photogenic and powerful for potheads. Dreammmy.

Consider these if you walk by too many dark areas and want (to grow) a lucky bean.

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Freak or Not Available: Two States of Man



Look, somebody left a foot on me!


These two appeared after we thought we were done with the circus set. No hand, got foot.


This is Yosef. He likes to objectify himself.



This is Hwee Yee. She is a retiree. Notice her hot glasses.


#SG50 pioneering spirit


Stage 1 “Grin” Proliferation begins by installing a plant light, and a handsome one of course.


Paradise Lights

Because Mother Nature is picky.

I am beginning to think plants are like us beings. If they wear the right outfit they look spiffy.



At The Moulin Rouge

Victorian Table Lamp



Sometimes all you have is a light bulb and you want to be a trailblazer.

I collect these great artists and imagine them in my hallway, but I know the best art is light.

Then daylight streams and dreams waltz. Another night.

I know the best art. I know light. Together is many nights, sharpened and broken by stars.



Personalised Jewellery Singapore

Personalised Jewellery Singapore

personalised jewellery singapore

Silver, copper, brass, aluminum, discs, squares, oblongs, diamonds, hearts, keys, bookmarks, coins. The finished product rarely looks like what they did.

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Never existential.


Somewhat existential.


Clyde on a very, very hot day. Still King of Joo Chiat backways. Crime Watch was after all filmed in this alley.


1. Personalize any piece.

If you are happy to pay, we are happy to make. From scratch. Any-thing. 

[email protected]


2. Wall Mounted Holder for Anything, Ye Olde Swan

3. Mid Century Modern Table Lamp


Tunnel Light

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A tunnel of lights is hanging from the balcony.

They call out to passers-by, passengers on buses,
a taxi too fast.

My intention has always been to find a home for you,
now older I know the walls are too.
The home will come for you, you, and you:
each of us mourning for the other
when we are for me.

Each gesture small
a song in a voice box
one day a birdsong.

Paradise Lights

lamps for sale Singapore


Dark Light, or Special Gifts

special gift ideas Singapore

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While light is always relative and gradual, darkness is absolute.


Philosophy aside but how often have we felt darkness to be darkness, and light to be a million other things/words?

2014 is a happy year for me, but I still regard winter as my awakening. See that’s the paradox of living. The necessity of creating a winter if you crave one. The imagination of an unending summer if you are deep in routine, habit. Together, we live on, a dream before the nap, and a dream upon wake, truly a-wake when a-sleep.


1. Antique Bathing Beauty Figurines IV, V

2. Gothic Art For Sale, Antique Gothic Decor

3. Vintage Japanese Oil Painting

4. Balloon Man Ornament, Small Modern Sculpture

5. Paradise Lights


Desperado Meaning

Desperado meaning.

I think this is the Xth post titled ‘Desperado’.

I am obsessed with this word. It resides in the little known bird of the inner eye.

I cannot languish enough but pine, dream-cry and scratch at the surface of what it means to bleed desperado.

Mens Solid Silver Cuff Bangle Solid, classic silver twisted cuff bracelet bangle for all types who love the luster of old silver. At 6mm wide, its design is the classic rope twist, with a distinct middle 'ethnic' coil. The silverware is malleable, to adjust for wrist size or wear along any length of the arm. (Old Silver Mens Solid Silver Cuff Banglethick_twisted_cuff2thick_twisted_cuff3

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Also, have you forgotten what it was like to count the steps to the door of your heart?

Desperado meaning. Desperado meaning


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