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You can keep crystal, gemstone, plant and insect in these glass prisms. The universe must be a little like this, with the fulfilled, desperate and barbaric all sharing pillars and rubbing salt.

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Clairvoyants, Gypsies & Caravans


Fluorite helps with focus, intuition and clarity. Some people believe it wards off negative energy, stress and chaos. But hey, the octahedron specimen is just fascinating and beautiful – wear one to celebrate intuitive energies and introspective moments.


Magic surrounds the great caravan of this world,
Some of us seekers and some of us found.


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Want to get your initials or monogram on a classic pendant?

Our jewelry is engraved by hand, not machine, so you get those antique fonts. These techniques give your jewelry a raw beauty and Time’s work will only age it better.

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