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Things As They Are

Bryan old fiend you still got it…



Proust has said that the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. No winter? Sure, how about longing?



The real Battousai has slayed four fish since his arrival.


March is HY’s birthday month so Battousai gets his own tank #themanipulated #herfatheralloveragain



The attraction of a samurai reigns in this household. The new fighting fish is named after we watched Rorouni Kenshin.


“Keep your friend’s toast, but keep your enemy’s toaster.”


Don’t Dream It’s Over

Now that the bustle of holiday shopping is over


artdeco_lady_pyramid hands_bronze_bell nail_lily_sculptures gothic_children_bookends coral_rabbit_girls_sculpture paper_mache_cat cardinals


Is it?


At its heart, the hoarding of things is loneliness.

I wanted to use the word objects
As if things would reveal.
Forgetting takes time
Healing is bluffing.
Patience –
And I will continue searching for equally suitable things
For the rest of my life.

There is no other secret.


Dear Agatha, we went to Sun Cafe and ate up your groupons. Thank you for thinking of us during this time of giving and then more buying 🙂

HY ate: 6 prawns, 6 scallops, 6 kueh pie tie, 1 bowl of corn soup, sambal sotong, rosemary potatoes, 1 bowl of ice jelly, 2 ondeh-ondeh, 1 small bowl of laksa, tomato salad.

BR ate: 1 large plate chap chye, half an ikan assam pedas, thousand island salad, apple salad, 4 tau pok from laksa ((her own bowl not HY’s), kueh pie tie filling, 4 pieces of achar, 2 ondeh-ondeh, nata de coco from ice jelly (her own bowl not HY’s).

HY adds: Sorry we did not eat more – we were both down with the flu.



do people still make things from dreams?

street art singapore dream giftsvict_onyx_turq_ring_er_set vict_onyx_turq_ring_er_set4 vict_onyx_turq_ring_er_set5 pera_intan_ring_24k7aq_intan_ring_22k4aq_intan_ring_22k5pearls_clover_studs_14wgpearls_clover_studs_14wg4pearls_clover_studs_14wg3 hand_felted_meadow_pins

dream gifts, dream gifts


Most people I know personally I realize are not adults. Why do we feel a need to ‘grow up’?

When most grown-ups are mental. Mental I tell you.

Youth is bestowed on the naive. ‘Most Cute’ are those who look like adults, who never have to chase a day holding sand in their small, little big fists.

Whose hearts beat and continually spoil –

For heartache never leaves the true heart.


You can’t hold on to sand
But you can
Rocks in my pocket.


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hump days should not have to feel like



World Savage, World Savage

Beauty is in all beings that love and are loved.


San Lang will be seven on Valentine’s 2015. He has not calmed down. I read somewhere he will by nine.

I wonder if he remembers all the houses we’ve lived in, his friends who used to visit him when he stood by outside the old house, when he could receive ‘visitors’ on their way to work or when they came home, of his brothers and sisters under the pallet box in Loyang.

Every day is Wednesday for him and HE DOES NOT COUNT.



A barefoot life


“We are children for a very long time.”


“There’s only one very good life and that’s the life you know you want and you make it yourself.”




Mister Clyde likes to wander but…


please don’t keep him.


What to do in Singapore in 1 day: Singapore alternative shopping at World Savage


“One day Time will die and Love will bury it.”


“The way we miss our lives is life.”



The opposite of peace.



Nope, not all cats walk into all circles.

yo_stoveWhat to do in Singapore in 1 day: World Savage great_audience_whitman

What to do in Singapore in 1 day: Singapore alternative shopping at World Savage

Have you heard?


Two things form a repeated desire: graffiti and quotes. Graffiti be so other; quotes be so uttered.

There’s a lady at the pet store we sometimes visit. She wears her hair a high chignon, there’s a lot of grey but the whole look, with her glasses, is very appealing. Maybe because she’s very slim and moves like a willow. Our conversation:



» Some forgettable talk here «

But you wear only denim.

What to do? It’s so cold here. And you know why?


Pockets. Pocket here, pocket here.

Ah yes, important!

I wish I can see you in your dresses.

On my off days I never wear denim.

I’ll wear chiffon, georgette… you know, dresses. Never denim.

So nice, I wish I can see one day.


A few times we bumped into her lunching alone, in denim of course. She’s so lady-like, so stylish in the denim jacket and jeans ‘uniform’ ensemble. Casualness is everything but casualty in her. Her quiet is so introductory, many times dipping into that pool of imagined lives we must all share. Both of us feel we want to treat her like a lady very, very much, because she’s earned it. We don’t have to earn it, you say?



Antique Cocktail Rings In The Anteroom Of Eternity

Antique Cocktail Rings


1870_emer_marquise_18k31870_emer_marquise_18k5vict_ameth_harem_18kvict_ameth_harem_18k8vict_ameth_harem_18k5vict_ameth_harem_18k3Edvard_Munch_Winter Nightglass_slides10glass_slides9

Antique Cocktail Rings

A little cocktail won’t hurt. It’s the anteroom of eternity after all.

I am now wondering what an Imperial Tokay tastes like. After watching Dean Spanley last night, I love San Lang even more, that I bought a Tollyjoy teething toy for him today, the kind that makes squeaky after squeaky. Is it possible to love that damned thing more?


One encounter is a happenstance
Two a coincidence and three
A significance.


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ps: squeaky died on the same day.


objet d’art, no. 53, the everything store Singapore

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the everything store Singapore

no matter how tall a leaf is, but when it falls it goes back to its roots.

no matter how high a bird flies, it has to come down for water.


An ongoing objet d’art photography by World Savage Singapore.
– Objects of desire, Objects of art. Objects of curiosity. –


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Courage comes from rage.

Beauty is a belief.

Grace is relief.

Else why age?


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