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antique bird ornament
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art singapore


Also the corner when something goes wrong.


The Drawer of No Curiosities And A Hundred Alternatives.


The Luggage Of No Surprises And Twenty++ Lamp Parts.


Times of wont.


The Falcon and the Dream Scales are in Art and Objects.

It is that time of late night and early morning, raining heavily as I write, and I am listening countless times, as I have been these few days, to the Chromatics version of ‘Ceremony’. Makes me feel like I am not 2015 in living. You know?

But I don’t know.


Personalised Jewellery Singapore

Personalised Jewellery Singapore

personalised jewellery singapore

Silver, copper, brass, aluminum, discs, squares, oblongs, diamonds, hearts, keys, bookmarks, coins. The finished product rarely looks like what they did.

personalised jewellery singaporebrass_swan_mountbrass_swan_mount5 brass_swan_mount3 midc_marble_stone_lamp8 midc_marble_stone_lamp911_jan_2015_1311_jan_2015_1411_jan_2015_1511_jan_2015_16


Never existential.


Somewhat existential.


Clyde on a very, very hot day. Still King of Joo Chiat backways. Crime Watch was after all filmed in this alley.


1. Personalize any piece.

If you are happy to pay, we are happy to make. From scratch. Any-thing. 

[email protected]


2. Wall Mounted Holder for Anything, Ye Olde Swan

3. Mid Century Modern Table Lamp


A barefoot life


“We are children for a very long time.”


“There’s only one very good life and that’s the life you know you want and you make it yourself.”




Mister Clyde likes to wander but…


please don’t keep him.


What to do in Singapore in 1 day: Singapore alternative shopping at World Savage


“One day Time will die and Love will bury it.”


“The way we miss our lives is life.”



The opposite of peace.



Nope, not all cats walk into all circles.

yo_stoveWhat to do in Singapore in 1 day: World Savage great_audience_whitman

What to do in Singapore in 1 day: Singapore alternative shopping at World Savage

Have you heard?


Two things form a repeated desire: graffiti and quotes. Graffiti be so other; quotes be so uttered.

There’s a lady at the pet store we sometimes visit. She wears her hair a high chignon, there’s a lot of grey but the whole look, with her glasses, is very appealing. Maybe because she’s very slim and moves like a willow. Our conversation:



» Some forgettable talk here «

But you wear only denim.

What to do? It’s so cold here. And you know why?


Pockets. Pocket here, pocket here.

Ah yes, important!

I wish I can see you in your dresses.

On my off days I never wear denim.

I’ll wear chiffon, georgette… you know, dresses. Never denim.

So nice, I wish I can see one day.


A few times we bumped into her lunching alone, in denim of course. She’s so lady-like, so stylish in the denim jacket and jeans ‘uniform’ ensemble. Casualness is everything but casualty in her. Her quiet is so introductory, many times dipping into that pool of imagined lives we must all share. Both of us feel we want to treat her like a lady very, very much, because she’s earned it. We don’t have to earn it, you say?



Why Vigilante Is Valiant In Singapoo

smrt feedback ltdevil_empathy2 evil_empathy5

smrt feedback ltd, smrt feedback ltd

The opposite of Evil is not necessarily Good. It used to be, but somewhere in fervor we’ve lost it.

The notion of goodness has even become subjective to some people. Good also means honesty, no revenge, no tales (Lord knows the importance of tales). It’s too complicated! Let’s just forget about being good.

Let’s talk about Empathy.



Clyde the cat ate the two biggest fish in Orh Kee’s fish tank. They were koi. Koi that had lived in that outdoor fibre glass tank for years. I once saw Clyde drinking from the fish tank.

He was hunting.

Sometimes, there is no empathy. Only nature.




interesting picture frames












Looking for a frame?

This series include:

– 60s Danish Anti-Reflex Glass Frames

– 20s French Ormolu Crystal Frame

– 60s Italian Solid Brass Frames

– Early 1900s Primitive Glass and Wood Frame

– Early 1900s Gilt Metal Small Frame


While reorganizing some parts of the WS den, I found many things that need sprucing, like these interesting


Iron Hardware














This week was spent thinking and drawing designs for eyewear. Something like the Google Glass. It’s the first time I have sat down with HY to work seriously on a project outside of World Savage. I learn that I can pretend to fly (and fly) once I make up my mind that I want to or not. It is the in-between that is rubbish.

Please come and buy some iron hardware for anything in your home, restaurant, studio, office, store. Because of our love for old tools and hardware, our den is spilling out iron. You know how the smell of garlic/cooking stays on your fingers stealthily. Ours is IRON.

Iron even when you fuck.



PSA: How to clean and condition your leather products


Recently, I’ve been trying to get rid of tack on a leather bag. Humidity is the reason why leather becomes tacky. This is especially evident on leather couches, since your butt sweat gets stuck on it*. On your leather bags, it’s just our stupid tropical weather, and perhaps a bad case of sweaty palms.

If you’ve brought your tacky leather bag to one of those “bag spas” before, they might tell you that it is not possible to get rid of that feeling. Especially if you’ve told them that it is an extremely old and precious bag.

This is mostly because getting rid of the stickiness requires a lot of patience and multiple cycles of cleaning, which is antithetical to profit.


DO NOT FEAR. Since you love your tacky leather bag and you are not running a “bag spa”, you will have plenty of patience to thoroughly clean your bag.

You will need: Lint-free microfiber cloths, leather shampoo, and leather conditioner. We use the leather cleaner and conditioner from Howard Products**, which you can buy from Selfix. They make your bag smell like oranges!

Step 1: Spray the leather shampoo generously on the bag.

Step 2: Use a microfiber cloth and vigorously shampoo your bag. I mean really shampoo. If your bag doesn’t look like one of those Christmas snow displays in a Singaporean mall, you are not shampooing!

Many online tips will tell you to gently wipe your bag so you don’t scratch it, but that gentle, gentle thing will not get rid of any tack. It’s like listening to Enya in the toilet when what you really need is a laxative. And since we are using microfiber cloths here, it is quite difficult to scratch the bag.

Step 3: When you can’t shampoo no more, use a damp, microfiber cloth to wipe away the soap suds. Your bag will probably still be sticky. That is normal.

Step 4: Since we can’t spend all day shampooing a bag, and it’s generally not a good idea for your bag to be wet for long periods of time, wait a day and shampoo again.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’re satisfied with the results. Did you read about that guy who chased the Ministry of Manpower for two years so that his ex-company would settle a $60 medical claim? YOU ARE THAT GUY AND YOUR BAG IS THAT $60.

Step 6: Apply a thin layer of leather conditioner with a microfiber cloth.

Step 7: Buff with the microfiber cloth. I MEAN BUFF. If you don’t buff, your leather bag won’t be as shiny and may even feel sticky. BUFFFFFFFFFF.

And there you have it, you’ve saved your lovely old bag.

*Aside PSA: LEATHER COUCHES ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR TROPICAL WEATHER. Unless you intend to turn on your air-conditioning 24/7, your new, luxurious leather couch will soon be old, sticky, and stained with butt sweat.

**Aside: Out of all the available leather conditioners, I chose the Howard Products one because it is all natural and it contains lanolin. Lanolin is a natural moisturizer that comes from sheep. Basically, you want to choose an animal-based oil to treat your leather products. You can also use, believe it or not, cod liver oil, but the smell will stay there… FOREVER.


Happy Inside












Only a few more days to the end of 2013 and we Savage animals all feel quite warm, homey and peaceful. I must say 2013 feels like a year to pass, of passing. I’ve heard more than one person say that too. Also that 2014 feels like a year when things will happen, or eventuate. I won’t say


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