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Imprime Orange, Farandine, Raschel. In that order, dear Anita, the reds I’m thinking of when I said try red.




The Secret To A Good Hot Pot Revealed

hot pot broth ideas

er, excuse me?

hot pot broth ideas

That’s better. ♫♫

That’s it. That’s the secret, Daisho soup base. It’s a bit too thick and rich for hot pot soup, so we dilute it with one packet of water. You can buy it from NTUC or any Japanese supermarket. Endorsed by The Steamboat Specialist, Chef Yo. Chef Yo only likes to eat ikan bilis.

Also, you need to get one of those butane stoves. Hot pot needs fire. Induction cookers don’t cut it somehow. We had one of those and it was just weird. No fire no spark.


Xiang, this is where we’re going. All yellow, the food is probably nothing. Like all the places we find ourselves most comfortable in, it’s the ones that offer a little magic with very little effort. But at least nothing is underachieved.

hot pot broth ideas


Say No To Drugs And Thank God For Some




Have you tried E3Live’s BrainON? You will thank me.

Gosh. It is amaze balls, both believers and non-believers (HY) alike. The recommended dosage is two capsules a day. Look at the customer reviews!

BR: I tried one pill a day and felt like superman everyday!

HY the housewife: I can now do my chores on lesser hours of sleep!

No need for drugs. No need for juice cleanses. No need for detox.

Sounds too good to be true?

Imagine two.

Go google the other customer reviews.


As for True Calm, I take it to encourage a proper sleep. I tried Melatonin (3mg) and found I suffer side effects of overactive dreaming (very bizarre ones), despite falling asleep. This is reported by many as well. My problem is not strictly insomnia; it is sleep plagued by dream after dream from the moment I sleep until I brush my teeth I think! It’s as if I go to sleep TO DREAM. There are many options on the market, but True Calm is pretty spiffy in its effect and I felt it right away in a few days. What do I mean? Some days I sleep all through ‘without dreams’, and on others I wake up without remembering my dreams (if I do have them) – SO GOOD TO DREAM AND FORGET.

I mean, we all have only that many hours to sleep. And it ain’t the quantity but the quality right?


(we’re somewhere in the skies: evidence of good dreamin’)



18 November






NTUC Finest has readied itself for the festive cheer, at the Marine Parade branch, which used to be a library for those of us who will remember running up and down the same flight of stairs with a book or two, or scurrying between the books and the toilet. Somewhere beneath these stairs there is an oft-ignored ‘basement’, which houses the NTUC office I think, apart from where you can buy either insecticide or 4D. Today while HWEE YEE WE HAVE TO BUY INSECTICIDE TO KILL THE APHIDS was spoiled for choice, I could not take my eyes off the mistletoe or straw installed on the pillar. I tried to view it from various perspectives. It was probably the last one… with the rest on the other pillars hung and air-con vents strung… and still it hoped to sell more insecticide… or suggest the need for.


While we were walking the dog, HY also noticed a suspicious package, from further away before the dog! Should we have called the police?!? She said the bomb squad would come down.






Are you in a hurry for some curry?



HY loves Indian food. I love nothing but Chinese food. Yet I’ve been wanting to eat Rajah’s Curry at least XXX times a week, and we do at least XX a week.

Shan’t say more except that V. Sarunga Raja, the Rajah of Curries, won’t be here forever. Come 12 or 16 months, the curry specialist may be moving forever to Perth to join his daughter, forever no more real fish curry for us.

Like us, he’s had it. But unlike us, he’s put in 50 years. From the taste of it, if he’s got another 50 years, he’d still be specialising in curry. Passion’s gotta be in curry.

P.S. No coconut. No msg. The Korean Ambassador has tried it.



I am thankful for sight. The world is so confusing sometimes we forget. Forgetting is so confusing sometimes we world. Today I had three full meals and the sun was kind to us on our day off. We cycled up the slope and I wore the Darlie is now Dali tshirt, which cannot be worn to the store because it has impenetrable stains. This is the bicycle I ride on my day off, in and out, up and down. I wish I was given back my years.


Stevie’s kind of library

We’ve been talking about it for so long. We’ve finally found and bought a proper book rack, and then packed and moved our books into the store. The first books we sold were Charlotte’s Web and The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories. We have some really special books, well, special to us, like The Summer of my German Soldier, When I Was Five I Killed Myself, James Tiptree, Jr, Ursula K. Le Guin, and of course, poetry books.

Bookmark Stevie’s kind of library – we’ll be updating as and when we find gems.


Offbeat places to eat

Sometimes we wander around and when we least expect it, something like this pops up. Is this in your neighborhood?

You lucky cow.

It’s like somebody’s house selling some food!
Turn into Jalan Tua Kong in Siglap (nestled among some old shophouses and terraced houses) and when you see a corner coffee shop, walk on further and you’ll see it.

Or a lady will persuade you to try her good Peranakan dishes and that should be Katong Delights.


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