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Antique Animal Art Print, 1925 Polar Expedition


Antique original photogravure

Original 1929 black and white photogravure. By T.S. Holmboe.

The image is from Roald Amundsen and Lincoln Ellsworth’s 1925 flight from Spitzbergen, Norway (Norge) to 88¡ North. The expedition employed the use of two Dornier Do J flying boats, the N-24 and the N-25. The men reached 88¡ North a few miles apart without radio contact, and were able to reconnect and communicate with each other by use of semaphore. It took an entire hour to signal one plane’s position to the other, and required two men – one to signal, and the other to use a pair of binoculars to decipher the code. The N-24 was damaged, and leaking, and the forward motor had been disabled, so the men had to quickly move from the N-24 to the N-25 if they were to get back to civilization. This proved a difficult task, as the region was full of shifting ice. The men reached the N-25, and after rejoining their cohorts, pushed an estimated 300 tons of ice during twenty-five days in order to free the plane to return on their journey home. The men were eating less than a pound a day, and were using three wooden shovels, a two pound pocket safety-ax and an ice anchor to dislodge the plane. After an incredible feat, the N-25 lifted off carrying the six crew members, and reached civilization after their month long expedition.

Solid teak frame. This print comes with original certificate, one framed within.

(Antique Animal Art Print, 1925 Polar Expedition)

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