Large 50s Hanging Lamp
Large 50s Hanging Lamp

Large 50s Hanging Lamp

Paradise lights

An onion-shaped irisdescent 50s hanging lamp. Pendant lamps in those days are usually smallish, unless they are ornate and outlandish. But this one is unusually large and elegant. The lamp shade is about 1.25 times the size of your head.

I wouldn’t normally like a lampshade holder with too many details, but the size of the lamp shade makes this one more than ok and very pleasing.

When other lights are turned on, their glow is reflected in the rainbow luminescence of the onion. The last photo (the unlit onion is behind) shows off the rainbow in the glassware. The photo of the big-axx onion is an attempt to show you a close-up of this unique ‘petrol tint’.

(Large 50s Hanging Lamp)

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