metal photo frame ornaments
metal photo frame ornaments

The Lives of Solid Steel Frames

Vintage home goods | Assemblage art

More assemblage than steampunk, we have put together three small photo frames and hopefully breathed eternal into ephemeral life.

Two of the frames, with a wreath like motif, are truly put together, hand cut and soldered. The third is more polished, but for all three we cut glass and wood backings. Such frames were originally made as glassless frames.

Then we created a ‘script’ – to inspire and think about – stamped on copper.

You can remove and use your own photos of course. With these steel frames, they are heavyweight (in more ways than one) and cannot be missed (when used as ‘decor’). Which explains why we want to put up some inspiration and think points around the living space.

The scripts are:

– While light is always relative and gradual, darkness is absolute.

– May we always see with new eyes, each old thing, each known thing.

– To do something you haven’t one before, you have to do something you haven’t done before.

Each frame is about 4.5″ tall.

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