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miniature objects
miniature objects

Miniature Objects, Crystal Mineral Specimens

One of its own miniature objects

We are putting out in miniature life what we cannot afford to collect or house in real life, in a museum environment.

This is a unique collection of 31 crystals and minerals housed within a 9cm long display table, each specimen under 4mm.

List of Minerals & Specimens

– Dioptase Cluster
– Orange Mimetite Crystal
– Diamond Quartz
– Meteorite Fragment
– Opal
– Rock Crystal
– Gypsum Fragment
– Lapis Lazuli
– Orange Vanadinite
– Green Pyromophite
– Smokey Quartz with Brookite
– Cavansite
– Aquamarine
– Tourmaline
– Native Silver Wires
– Dead Red Quartz
– Crystalline Bismuth, Man Made
– Apatite
– Emerald
– Topaz
– Aurichalcite
– Native Copper
– Sapphire-Corundum
– Blue Azurite
– Spiky Cave Calcite
– Carborundum, Man Made
– Wulfenite
– Quartz Points on Matrix
– Red Coral
– Cuprite on Copper
– Uvite

We have always approached miniatures as “little objects” instead of a miniaturist (this requires a different ‘eye’). Mono no aware or “the pathos of things” is one reminder in the long way we put together objects we curate.

(Miniature Objects, Crystal Mineral Specimens)

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