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SOLD The Moon And The Dragon, A Pair of Rings


Antique jewelry

A pair of 9kt gold figural rings featuring a lovely moon face and a dragon. They were collected at different times yet looked to be inseparable after restoration. Both are two-toned rings – rose gold motifs in a white gold band. Circa 1900s-1930s.

Because of escalating gold and silver prices, many pieces of antique jewelry are being melted down for their weight in gold.

Both rings are part of World Savage’s antique jewelry restoration project. Our restoration philosophy is simple, involving only elements of non-decorated beauty. We choose pieces that are at least 100 years old, or not as old but almost unique, because old things deal with time, and the people who lived through them.

Both rings can be sized.


October 2013 Update:

The dragon ring has sold.


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