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vintage lighting singapore
Indoor Plant LampsIndoor Plant Lamps

SOLD Vintage Indoor Plant Lamps

Antique lighting

Indoor plant lamps made from WW2 era military lamp shades.

The forest green enamel is a mini size, very suitable when mingling with the indoor forest. The 8-inch shades have good coverage over a plant zoned space, affixed on the wall at a depth of about 16″ (including shade). Sounds like a lot but you can tell from the photos the lamps don’t take up much space at all. If you have an area like an enclave or a window ledge that does not get much sun, this is your lucky bean-lamp.

Who else makes it work but us, living in a small (90% sunless) space with a big love for the bigger earth? Not to mention the ambient light these lamps provide – very photogenic and powerful for potheads.

Indoor Plant Lamps
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