wall mounted holder
wall mounted holder

Wall Mounted Holder for Anything, Ye Olde Swan

Antique home goods

Not originally a wall mount candle sconce but looking every inch proper, this old solid and hefty brass swan ornament was probably designed to hold a (toothbrush) cup.

A bathroom enthusiast? By all means indulge in this propriety. Though it’s a bit of a waste to live where only private audience is privy, so we’ve enlisted the help of some marbles and stash a tealight to test. The brass remains cool to the touch when the light is lit and a bellow of light warms the arena.

Photos are darkened to show the effect, but there is very ‘fireplace’ light cast on the wall and a small area will evolve from its incandescence.

(Wall Mounted Holder for Anything, Ye Olde Swan)

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