William Blake Art Print
William Blake Art Print

William Blake Art Print, Lithograph, Sleeping Angels


Original vintage lithograph

Original lithograph print from the ’60s.

You can find out about Blake and his art all over the Internet. What you cannot imagine is how the framed piece looks at night and during the day. Did our photos capture the light and darkness of Blake’s imagination? I’m not sure…

Origin papers are framed within the wooden frame.

In thunders ends the voice. Then Albion’s Angel wrathful burnt
Beside the Stone of Night; and, like the Eternal Lion’s howl
In famine and war, reply’d: ‘Art thou not Orc, who serpent-form’d
Stands at the gate of Enitharmon to devour her children?
Blasphemous Demon, Antichrist, hater of Dignities,
Lover of wild rebellion, and transgressor of God’s Law,
Why dost thou come to Angel’s eyes in this terrific form?’

These lines are taken from America, The Prophecy. But Blake uses the word ‘prophecy’ not as a description of the future, but to describe the view of the honest and the wise. In a voice that could be “recording the formula of all revolution”, this long poem however does not end in freedom, even though it is a vision of rebellion.

Perhaps it is wise then to think of Blake as a man with much sanity.

(William Blake Art Print, Lithograph, Sleeping Angels)

William Blake Art Print
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